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If you can't find your dream home, build it!

Every year, hundreds of new homeowners are doing just that in southwest Florida. I can help you find the right community, home site and builder to suit you tastes. And best of all, it won't add a penny to the cost of your new home.

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It's a little known fact that builders add a fee in the cost of building a home to cover marketing expenses. These expenses include advertising expense and compensation for their sales staff, and the real estate professionals who help you build your home.


But unfortunately, declining the services of a professional real estate representative doesn't reduce the sales price. So why not get the representation you're paying for?

I'm An Independent, Third Party
Real Estate Consultant Working For You .

Many out-of-town clients who purchased new construction relied on me as their "eyes and ears on the ground" before, during and after construction. I showed them all the communities based on their lifestyles and interests. I helped them obtain financing when needed. I guided them through the design and finish selection process, and provided progress photos and status reports on construction while they were away. And finally, I helped them coordinate move-in and getting settled. I even helped them find a reputable Realtor in their home town to list and sell their existing homes.





Value-Added, Without Added Cost


As a licensed real estate professional, I can be an invaluable asset to any new construction project. To demonstrate, I’ve compile this list of "10 Things A Real Estate Professional Can Do For New Construction Buyers.” The list is actually quite longer in detail, but the idea is that I can help new construction buyers accomplish their goals, at no additional cost.


1. Provide Local Knowledge - I’ve known the market since 1997 and staying abreast of new construction is just a part of my local market knowledge. Combined with an understanding of your lifestyle, interests, construction goals and objectives, I can make solid community recommendations.

2. Provide Community Information - Maintaining updated information about each community ensures that I can counsel new home buyers accurately and effectively. Product knowledge is a core capability of the real estate professional and I pride myself on my ability to assist buyers with product information.

3. Arrange Introductions  - Relationships are important and putting a face to a name is the first step in establishing accountability. I’ve already spent time and developed working relationships with the sales staff at the active communities. They know me and when I introduce a new home buyer to them, I know they are going to take good care in meeting customer service expectations, in addition to providing a quality product.

4. Provide Professional Market Advice - Getting the home design, features and amenities you want is important. But so is resale value and value for your dollar. I can help provide objective advice on features that make sense for resale value, versus owner preferences. I can also show you what features and upgrades make sense during construction, versus aftermarket alternatives.

5. Research and Coordinate Financing - New construction offers unique and sometimes more complicated financing alternatives. I can point you to proven financing resources and bring some clarity to some of the complex issues in construction financing.

6. Monitor the Progress of Your Build - It’s fairly common for seasonal residents to purchase new construction as a second home. But being away from Venice for the bulk of the construction process doesn’t mean being out of touch with the progress of the build. I’ve taken progress photos for construction clients over the years to demonstrate progress and show when important milestones are met.

7. Troubleshoot Issues - I’ve never seen a construction project that was entirely glitch-free. Even weather, labor and material shortages can go beyond the control of the builder and demand prompt, corrective actions. Among other things, I’ve helped buyers source alternative materials, find temporary storage and identify interim housing.

8. Assist With the Sale of Your Current Home - When outright relocation is the goal, I’ve sold existing local properties and recommended competent representation for out of state sales through my nationwide network of real estate professionals.

9. Coordinate Your Transition - Moving is  painstakingly detailed and stressful. I can help new construction buyers address the detail and reduce the stress.

10. Provide After-market Advice - Even when every last detail is addressed, there is always “just one more thing” to consider. Is it a lawn or pool service? Do you want additional landscaping? Perhaps an amenity you wished you had considered earlier? I can help.


For more information on how a Realtor can help you, see my "61 things a Real Estate Professional does for you” page.


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